Wood curtain rods for simplicity

Wood curtain rods for simple style

Using wood curtain rods in your home is an excellent way of making the most of your drapes. A wood curtain rod looks stylish and stunning, but maintains a natural and simple look at the same time. Wooden drapery rods are suitable for use in all rooms, and can complement all sorts of curtains from the most simple drapery to elaborate, luxurious drapes. You can get a wide range of wooden rods, and you can select from a vast array of finishes to suit the décor in any room of your home. From light woods such as maple or beech to darker woods such as oak and mahogany, you can create a look that is cool and airy or rich and decadent simply by selecting the right shade when buying your drapes and your wood curtain rods.

Wooden drapery rods are available at a great price these days, and for those that don’t want to opt for the more elaborate metal rods these make an excellent alternative. These rods are well suited to all types of curtains and curved shower curtain, and will look good in all rooms and with all types of décor. For the more elaborate room, you could opt for a richer, darker wood to pick out the richer colors in your drapery and décor. For a more simply decorated room, a lighter, more basic wood can help to add to the natural and classic charm of the room.

Wooden drapery rods add a simple yet stylish charm

If you have drapery that is really elaborate, such as that in a special occasion room, you may feel that a plain wooden rod is a little inadequate. However, you can also selecting from a choice of more decorative wooden rods, enabling you to enjoy the versatility, cost, and beauty of solid wood coupled with a more decorative design to complement the most elaborate of drapes. Whatever type and style of drapes you have in your home, you are certain to find the perfect hardware to complement them amongst the choice of wood curtain rods.