summary of winnie the pooh curtains

Where to find Winnie the Pooh curtains

Winnie the Pooh curtains will add fun and whimsy to your child’s room. You can have the Winnie the Pooh theme throughout the rest of the room, continuing the bear pattern on the draperies in the room. Be careful not to overdue the Winnie theme since you can have too much of a good thing when it comes to what your eye looks at. Children love to have a room that is decorated with them in mind. This means decorating with popular children’s themes such as Mickey Mouse, Superman, Rubber Duck, Seahorse, The Care Bears, Snoopy, Snowman and Winnie the Pooh. You can even buy bedding that matches the curtains so that you have a completely well matched room. Winnie the Pooh curtains are sure to put a smile on the face of any young child.

How to hang a Winnie the Pooh window valance

A Winnie the Pooh window valance is a nice way to cover up the curtain hardware in your child’s room. There are many ways that you can find a Pooh valance. Try looking in your local drapery stores or check out fabric stores for material and patterns that you can make yourself if you have the experience to sew. You can also check out the Internet to see if you can find some Winnie valances that are unique in styling and design. Take the right measurements so that you have the exact numbers of what you need to order before you place your custom order.

Winnie the Pooh curtain

A Winnie the Pooh curtain is something that you can change after a few years as your child grows up. Theme curtains are nice for young children but you need to make sure that your child doesn’t out grow the theme that you’ve chosen. Keep your decorating for children easy to alter at a moment’s notice.

Many times decorating children’s rooms can be more difficult than decorating the rest of your home. This is because you want to choose something that will last for a few years while your children grow up before you have to change the décor once again. If you have young children you may want to think about decorating with Winnie the Pooh curtains.