Accessorizing with window valances

Window valances to enhance your drapery

Window valances are a great accessory for windows and drapes, and the different types of window valances enable you to add beauty and richness to any room. From window valances with scarf detail to simpler valances, you can create the perfect look by using these accessories to complement your drapes. Unlike a pelmet, which is a stiffer and flatter drapery accessory, a valance is a softer accessory. When you use window curtain valances, you can transform simple window dressings into something far more elaborate. You won’t even need to invest in a decorative curtain pole to add to the richness of the room, since the valance will cover the pole, so that only the beautiful fabric of your drapes and accessories is on view.

You can also use these accessories alone as well as in combination with your drapes. Smaller windows can look really effective and classy when you use just a valance. This will allow plenty of light in, but will also enable you to enjoy your choice of fabric across the top part of the glass, which can look very effective and stylish. On larger or longer windows, valances can look a little lonely when used alone, so it is better to use them to enhance the drapes already being used. You can create fullness and richness with these accessories. For a really elaborate look you can use embroidered window valances with scarf details on your drapes, or you may prefer to go for something a little more subtle with one of a range of simple valances.

Select from different types of window valances to achieve the look you want

You can create just the right look by selecting from a range of valances to suit your needs. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics to set off your drapes perfectly, so whether your curtains are silk and satin or whether they are linen or polyester, you can make them really stand out with a choice of valances. From simple designs and plan colors, to embroidered valances in rich, luxurious shades, you can enjoy making the most of your room and drapes with a fantastic choice of window valances.