timeless waverly valances

Waverly valances for today

Waverly valances may be the simplest way to add class and sophistication to any decorating plan. The name Waverly to many people is synonymous with richly textured and coloured fabrics of the most expensive looking silk, linen or cotton. The perfect way to add this kind of luxury to your home is with waverly valances.

A valance made of a timeless plaid or muted floral is the perfect finishing touch to any window. The thick fabrics hold their shape whether it is patterned into flowing ruffles or formed into crisp pleats. The valance will hold the desired form atop the window and any other drapery or sheers used in the complete window treatment.

Waverly drapery hardware completes the look

Part of what makes a great window treatment is the fabric. The other major part is the curtain pole and other curtain hardware used to hang that fabric. A valance hung with distinctive waverly curtains will give a polished, professional look to the window.

Many manufacturers of designer fabrics used in home décor have gone one step further to create complimentary curtain hardware. Waverly is no exception. Some of the finest curtain poles and drapery hangers come from Waverly. Many styles of hardware and accessories in brass, iron or nickel finishes can really bring out the rich tones found in a Waverly stripe or plaid or compliment the softer pastels of a Waverly floral print. The mechanics are the same for hanging the rod or pole for a Waverly valance. However, some of the finer, designer created hardware may be sturdier and heavier and require stronger mounting hardware for hollow walls.

The secret to a very professional look using a Waverly fabric is in the stitching and hanging. Top designers will make valance styles with a pattern such as a floral or plaid and sew and hang it so that the patterns match. If there is a cut or seam allowance, the print still has one continuous pattern, so it appears to have no break from stitching. For do-it-yourself interior decorators, be sure to purchase extra fabric, especially if it has a larger repetitive pattern. That way you’ll have plenty of extra room to match patterns and create truly professional looking Waverly valances.