review of velvet curtains

How to hang velvet curtains

Velvet curtains are elegant and will make a great addition to any room in your home where you’re trying to make a bold statement. Window coverings can be as subtle or as loud as you want them to be. When you use velvet as a choice for your curtains you’ll be begging them to be noticed. In most cases velvet curtains are deep in colour to accent their richness. They look great in bedrooms as they add a sense of intimacy and privacy. You might want to limit the use of velvet in rooms that don’t receive a lot of sunlight since the sun will quickly fade this type of material, making your drapes look faded and dull.

The beauty of a velvet curtain

You can buy a velvet curtain just as you can any other types of curtains for any room in your home. Draperies are available in a variety of places, such as drapery stores, home furnishing stores, home improvement centres, and department stores. Or you can look online and find many stores that carry velvet window coverings in a variety of colours and styles. Make certain that whenever you place an order online for draperies that you have all the correct measurements before you submit your final order. This is so that you can save yourself the hassle of having to return the drapes and place the order once again.

Velvet drapes

Velvet drapes need a bit more special care than other curtains. If you have pets that shed hair you most likely will want to stay away from velvet drapes since animal hair is easily attracted to this type of material. If you do hang velvet around your pets you’ll have to take care to vacuum them on occasion to remove the hair. Velvet isn’t always a good choice for children’s rooms either since it is easily soiled and will require dry cleaning to clean it.

Not every room in your home has to have curtains that are made out of standard material. Some rooms, such as your bedroom, will look wonderful if they have drapes that are made of unique and luxurious material, such as velvet curtains.