the purpose of thermal drapes

Thermal drapes add function and beauty

Thermal drapes may serve a necessary purpose in keep rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This is especially true in older homes where windows may not be as well insulated. However, thermal draperies and thermal curtains need not be unattractive. Thermal drapes in fact today come with several options on designer looks.

Why Use Thermal Draperies

Just what makes thermal curtains so functional? It is all in the lining. This type of drapes is lined with a special fabric lining that helps insulate a window so the room temperature remains more consistent without having to constantly adjust the heat or air conditioning. These types of linings can actually come in several types of finishes giving them a different appearance. Some are more rubbery feeling and have an industrial feel. However, the types of thermal linings for home use are much softer and more attractive even from the outside.

It’s not just the thickness of the lining that makes thermal drapes do their job of insulating. It is also in the fact that the curtains or drapes are lined. The layering effect works for windows, just as it does for winter clothing. It is well known that several light layers keep you warmer than one thick sweater. With thermal drapes, energy costs can be reduced significantly.

Choosing Accessories and Fabrics

When thermal drapes or thermal curtains are drawn they function quite well in insulating the window. However, they will be pulled back to let in the day light on occasion so accessories can make a big difference in keeping their appearance attractive. Decorative tie backs or curtain hardware can really dress up a functional drape. The curtain pole can also go far in creating a designer look that coordinates with the rest of the room.

The top layer of fabric in thermal drapes is the decorative one while the under layer is the functional one. This top layer can be made of virtually any medium to heavy weight fabric. This will add to the thermal action but also the appearance. Thermal curtains made with a light weight fabric that is too sheer, will not really hide the functional undercoat well enough. That is really the only limitation in fabric choices for thermal drapes.