making theatrical curtains

Theatrical curtains to make

Making your own theatrical curtains is fun and easy. Every child will love a puppet theatre or play stage in their playroom too. You can make theatrical curtains with the same easy processes as other draperies and using the same store-bought hardware that makes them a great addition to any stage setting.

Theatrical Draperies

To sew theatre curtains you will want to start with a heavy weight fabric that will hold its shape and that you won’t be able to see through when the spot light goes on in the playroom. A curtain rod used in other window coverings will be used to hold up the theatrical curtains so, choose one that is sturdy enough for the heavy fabric.

A simple pocket is sewn into the top of the draperies. This is where the rod will slide through. To do this, fold the top of the drapery fabric over about ½” more than the diameter of the rod. If you are using a 2” rod, then fold the top over 2 ½ “so there is enough room to slide the rod through without resistance when the fabric gets gathered onto it. You may also want to add a hem if the raw edges will fray. The bottom is finished with a hem as well to your desired length.

The complete theatrical curtains will have two panels, so the draperies can open and close on performances. When measuring the width for each panel, consider the entire width of the stage opening. Then add another ½ of that to give your self some room for gathering. For example, if the stage is 60” wide, you’ll want curtains that are 90” wide. That would make each finished panel 45” wide.

Theatrical Curtains for “Professional” Uses

School and community theatres are always looking for help in putting together props and stages. You can create the same theatrical curtains used in a playroom on a larger scale as well. The lengths and widths will vary greatly, so you may need to find fabric at larger outlet type shops that cater to interior decorating and commercial uses. These will provide wider widths, so there will be less need to piece together panels when making your theatrical curtains.