using swing arm curtain rods

Swing arm curtain rods in decorating

Swing arm curtain rods provide a different kind of window treatment option that is unique and creative. Swing arm curtains rods are also a convenient way to open and close curtains with a single motion.

Installing a Swing Arm Curtain Rod

Most curtain rods are attached to the wall or window trim on both ends. This is not the case with swing arm curtain rods. These unique rods are attached only on one side. When the draperies are closed, they appear like any other rod. But to open them, simply pull back on the rod or the draperies themselves and they swing like a door on a hinge. The rod is screwed into a bracket attached on the wall or window moulding and can open from either the left side or the right. You need to decide before you purchase the hardware for your window coverings, which side you want to swing from so the hardware can be mounted to one or the other.

Kirsch Drapery Rods

Kirsch offers a line of decorative drapery rods, including swing arm curtain rods. Most curtains are held in place on the rod because they are attached to wall on both sides. To keep the curtain from falling off the end that doesn’t attached to the wall with a swing arm style rod, a decorative finial can be added. Kirsch has several styles of rods and finials in a variety of materials from glass to nickel, in iron or in decorative carved woods in many different finishes.

Many people choose swing arm curtain rods in areas where they want to open up the window to let in light or a breeze. Often you will see this type of window hardware used on the bottom half of café curtains in a kitchen, but they work well on draperies too. If you were to decoratively line draperies, for example, you could have them closed to display one colour and fabric, but when you swing them open and lay them flat against the wall adjacent to the window, you can display a completely new fabric and dress up the walls as well with swing arm curtain rods.