a review of swags

The popularity of swags

Buying swag curtains

Putting swags in your home is a way to make it look very fancy, elegant and classic. They can be Victorian, romantic and even modern, with the styles that are out now. Swags usually come in a few different patterns, but mostly it is the colors that people choose from. Any shade of the rainbow is used for your window coverings and you can even have one custom made to suit your tastes. Custom made window coverings will always cost more, but the end result will be worth it. These special types of draperies really make a room look like it is worth a million dollars. So, if that is the look you are going for, you should give them a try.

Swag curtains

Swag curtains are sold everywhere because they are a very popular look right now and have been for years. People love them for the decoration they add to any room, not for their functional purposed. They do not really keep sun out or cool down a room in the hot summer months. But, they will spice up your décor and will provide that “finishing touch” your room has been missing. A double swag curtain needs to be hung with a swag rod and other curtain hardware. You can choose to hang it yourself or you can let a professional do it. Depending on where you buy your window coverings from, most usually offer an installation service that costs an additional fee.

Kitchen swags

The same goes for kitchen swags. You can purchase them at a store and then either hang them yourself or let a technician come and do it for you. If you are not good with tools, it is worth it to let a professional come do that work for you. You can get your curtain custom made if you do not find a design or color that you like when visiting the store. You need to talk to the salesperson to see if they can make what it is that you want. This type of window covering is often a little less fancy because it is in the kitchen and solids and stripes are used more often than prints on the window swags in this area.