uses for stage curtains

Stage curtains for decorating

Stage fabric is elegant and durable

Stage curtains bring to mind an image of rich velvets and thick, luxurious satins. The same kind of elegance that is associated with grand old theatres can be brough home with the use of stage curtains for home décor.

Stage curtains can be optained from theather supply companies or even from your local theatrical company. If a renovation is underway, you may be able to acquire old stage curtain fabric for a very low cost. The stage curtain can then be professionally dry cleaned and ready to cut into some of the finest home decorating accents.

Extra Large Fabric Cuts from Stage Curtain

The sheer size of stage curtains gives you extreme value for the amount of fabric you will get. If you have had challenges with making drapes for extremely large windows or covering furniture, then stage curtain fabric may be the solution. Piecing together fabric can be a challenge in creating slip covers for large sofas. It is also not always a feasible solution to extra wide window coverings. Sometimes an unsightly seam is just not a possibility so styles are limited. With stage curtains, the thick fabrics are larger than anything that can be found even at designer fabric shops. It would require a costly custom order to get those kinds of dimensions from a fabric manufacturer directly, assuming their looms are even capable of producing such widths.

Stage curtain manufactures have the equipment to produce the extra large widths. This extra width can be put to many decorating uses: slip covers for sectional sofas, king sized duvet covers, two-story window drapery.

Accessorizing with Stage Curtain Remnants

Stage curtain manufactures also have remnant pieces that can be purchased and used to accessorize your home. The advantage of using stage curtain fabric for window coverings – curtains or drapes, is its durability. These thick velvet curtains and heavy cottons are designed to withstand commercial use. These pieces of fabric will make strong pillows and lasting Roman shades. In addition, the thickness of the fabrics may make it unnecessary to line curtains. The thickness of stage curtains may also add insulation against windows drafts.