The beauty of silk curtains

Silk curtains for that special room

Using silk curtains in the home is a great way to enjoy pure luxury and beauty. Of course, silk curtains may not be suited to all rooms in your home – the kids rooms probably aren’t the best place for this type of curtain, and it’s probably advisable to avoid silk drapes in rooms that are frequently used on in which pets are allowed. However, a silk curtain is the perfect drapery for a room that you want to reserve for special occasions, and in which you want to create a warm, rich look and feel. Silk and satin fabrics have always been synonymous with decadence and luxury, and by using this type of fabric you can give an ordinary room an extraordinary new look.

Silk is a sumptuous fabric that looks as good as it feels. However, it can be expensive and difficult to maintain, which is why it is best reserved for rooms that are not frequented by kids, cats, and dogs! The last thing you want is your cat clawing its way up the curtain, the kids getting sticky hands all over the material, or your dog chewing on the fabric… The rich, luxurious texture and appearance of this fabric can transform your room, adding warmth, beauty, and pure luxury. Silk taffeta curtains look particularly effective with longer windows, and you can add to the elaborate look of these curtains by accessorizing with luxury hardware that will set off the drapery and the room perfectly.

Select decorative hardware to set off your silk curtain perfectly

The ideal way to set off your luxurious drapes is by using decorative hardware and accessories. From curtain poles and brackets, to rings, rods, tie-backs and valances, you can select from a vast range of accessories and hardware that will complement your fabric. Selecting hardware that is elaborate and distinctive will add to the richness and beauty of the room, as well as fitting in with your choice of fabric. You can also get hardware that complements your choice of silk color, so you will be able to get accessories to match both light colored and dark colored silk curtains.