light control with silhouette blinds

Silhouette blindes make the most of natural light

Silhouette blinds let natural light with a beautiful display. You can find Silhouette blinds from such well-known manufacturers of silhouette window blinds as Hunter Douglas and Levolor. The unique combination of mini blinds and cellular shades combines the best of both worlds. Light is filtered by soft fabrics, while blind slats can be placed at any angle for ultimate lighting and privacy control.

Lighting plays such an important part in creating a certain ambiance within a room. Wide open the full daylight is allowed to enter. With Silhouette window blinds the fully open blinds are completely encased in the window blind’s head rail. Blinds can be lowered to different levels to control light or fully released blinds can be adjusted like mini blinds.

Silhouette window blinds provide privacy with natural light

Adding light while filtering out the view from the outside is one of the most appealing features of silhouette window blinds. Several fabric choices for the thin film of fabric between slats make these blinds a decorating feature for any room. Both Levelor and Hunter Douglas offer countless fabric choices in styles for any size window.

Vane sizes come in two or three inches with window covering widths starting as little as six inches and up through 120 inches. The lengths of Hunter Douglas silhouette blinds are just as versatile ranging from 12 inches to 120 inches. The size options give old windows and custom new styles a finished and decorated look even without further window treatment.

Silhouette blinds can be made to cover curved windows and other decorative windows such as eyebrows and completely circular windows. Often such features look great from the outside and provide much desired light. However, the summer months or a south facing window may let in more light and heat than wanted. The silhouette blinds adjust to control light and the resulting heat. The unique design concept of a fabric suspended between slats is what gives the light control. It used to be if you wanted to be able to adjust the amount of light in a fabric blind, it was either up or down – nothing in between. Now with Silhouette blinds the lighting choices are virtually unlimited.