choosing shower curtains

Fun shower curtains for the bathroom

Creative shower curtain hooks

Shower curtains are great indicators of who we are. They are not just for privacy: the bathroom is often livened up by the curtain that drapes the tub and shower. A shower curtain can be fun and interesting. And it does not have to stop there. There are many varieties of shower curtain rods and shower curtain hooks can be used to complement any number of shower curtains.

Many people choose a thick, heavy curtain for the shower because it allows for maximum privacy. It can’t be seen through, providing the bather with the solitude coveted during such a time. However, it is possible to get a curtain that matches the bathroom. It you have a specific colour scheme, it is entirely possible to find a shower curtain that matches beautifully. Not only will you feel comfortable in the wash room, but guests who use the room will appreciate the affirming continuity of the bathroom.

shower curtain picture1Shower curtain rods and shower curtain hooks to match

It may seem silly to pay attentions to such trivial things as rods and hooks, but choosing them can be a lot of fun. While rods and hooks do not make much of a difference if all you are doing is matching colours, if you are trying something a little more diverting, they can add an element of fun. Many department and specialty stores sell, not only tub drapes, but also all of the accessories that go with them. And, of course, such things can always be found online. Shower curtain rods in crazy colours. Shower curtain hooks that have designs or animals on them. A curtain decorated with fish can be enhanced by a light blue or green rod and hooks with tropical fish and other undersea creatures. It is also possible to get a safari motif in your bathroom. Leopard print curtains with a bright orange or red rod can be accentuated hookless or with hooks bearing lions and tigers and giraffes.

Whether your bathroom sports solid colours and conservative curtains, or whether the tub is draped with multiple colours or a themed design, the bathroom can be a comfortable or fun place to be with shower curtains.