shower curtain rods and bathrooms

Shower curtain rods spruce up your bathroom

Shower curtain rods are generally acknowledged to be rather boring. However, it is possible to find a variety of shower curtain rods, including a curved shower curtain rod. Not only that, but it is possible to find unique shower curtains to add a little life to your bathroom. There is no reason why the drapes you use to conceal your shower need not be as colourful and fun as the drapes that adorn the rest of your home. Curtains in your bathroom can be a reflection of your personality, just as your window treatments do so.

The curved shower curtain rod

A curved shower curtain rod can be quite a bit of fun for the bathroom. These curtain rods are, as one might expect, curved. They can be curved to create a half circle, keeping the water more effectively in the shower and tub area. It is also possible to get a curved shower curtain rod that is in the shape of a circle. Normally, this type of set up requires a specially designed shower. Normally the head is above the shower area and hangs down in the middle, rather than at one end. The person showering is completely surrounded by the shower curtain.

Choosing unique shower curtains

There are many unique shower curtains to choose from. They can be colourful or themed. A unique shower curtain can be a fun reminder of who you are every time you take a shower, or use the bathroom. It can also entertain visitors and give them an insight into your personality. It is possible to get brightly coloured solid curtains. However, it is also possible to find shower curtains with designs, shapes and different colours. There are even some curtains that sport themes. Jungle themes, undersea themes (especially appropriate for a bathroom), animal print, and cartoon characters are all available. This can allow you to coordinate your entire bathroom with one theme, or extend a home theme into the bathroom.

No matter what shower curtain you choose, it will need a rod. And virtually any department and home improvement store can help you find shower curtain rods.