shower curtain rod types

Using a shower curtain rod for decorating

Plastic shower curtain rods have many uses

A shower curtain rod is not the most prominent feature of the bathroom. It is however the foundation for adding more decorative features to the room. In fact, a plastic shower curtain rod can have many other uses other than just holding up a curtain that keeps shower water in its place.

Shower Curtains for the Bathroom

Most often a curtain rod is used in the bathroom. These come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your taste and needs. Many modern homes have bathrooms with moulded shower fittings. A plastic shower curtain rod that has a spring inside is used to create tension to hold the rod into place. These types of pressure rods are adjustable and require adding rings to hold up the bathroom drapery.

It doesn’t have to be a boring display just because it is functional. Decorative curtain rings can pick up the pattern of the drapes in the bathroom. Some come with sea shells, or maybe brass medallions. There is as broad a range of decorative rod rings as there are bathroom curtains.

Other Uses for A Shower Curtain Rod

Any place that you want to hang a curtain can be enhanced with a shower curtain rod. Fabric drapes or cafe curtain styles can be held in place with this versatile tool. Most rods are at least an inch thick so you probably wouldn’t want to use them with more light weight fabrics, just any place that calls for a heavy curtain or drapery. Some of the more trendy uses for a shower curtain rod are to create a soft-form door. Closet spaces can be blocked off with drapes using a shower curtain rod to hang them. Really, any place where you want to hang the shower curtain fabric instead of a door can be enhanced with a shower curtain rod.

Also, dividing a room is easy with the use of a shower curtain rod. A doorway that doesn’t support using a wood door because of space or swing clearance can be blocked off with drapes. Hiding a television behind curtains within a shelving unit can also be done with shower curtain rod.