choosing shower curtain rings

Shower curtain rings to add accents

Shower curtain rings are as necessary to the proper hanging of shower curtains as shower curtain rods. The complete look of drapes, rod and rings can add a nice and decorative touch to the bathroom, allowing it to be a pleasant room to be in. One of the great things that can be done now is that one can match shower curtain rings and shower curtain rods to unique shower curtains, making the bathroom that much more interesting.

Shower curtain rings come in many types. They can be metal, plastic or resin. Additionally, they come in many colors and finishes. If you have a color scheme in your bathroom, it is possible to match everything from the towels, drapes and soap dispenser to the shower curtain rod and the ring. This coordination can make the bathroom a comfortable and pleasing place, creating a sense of unity of design that is rather inviting. Whether decorated as an old fashioned powder room, or outfitted in ultra modern designs, everything can be coordinated to convey a sense of continuity within the confines of the room.

Matching unique shower curtains

Many people find that unique shower curtains spruce up the bathroom quite nicely. This can help set the theme for the whole room. Many people find that abstract shapes make for interesting bathroom décor. Likewise, safari themes and undersea themes are possible, as are island themes or beach motifs. Any number of shower curtains can be found to reflect any taste and personality, and, of course, it is entirely possible to find shower curtain rods and rings to match your drapes. Rods come in different colors, and some are even adorned with designs. Rings, however, are much more versatile. They are not merely limited to solid colors, or even stripes or dots. They can also sport resin shapes that accent and reinforce the over all theme. It is quite possible to complete an island breeze theme with palm trees mounted on the rings that hold one’s shower curtains.

Many department stores carry match sets, allowing you to get everything you need in one stop. With the options available, you need not have boring shower curtain rings.