priscilla curtains provide country charm

Priscilla window curtains offer traditional style

Priscilla curtains are one window treatment that never seems to loose it place in homes everywhere. While trends in cornices and valances prevail at times, the classic fashion of Priscilla window curtains is always in place. Just what is it that makes Priscilla curtains stand the test of time?

Priscilla curtains are timeless in their country charm. They are recognized for the warm, home-like feeling they evoke. The silhouette of the lacy tied back panels frames a window in softness. Often topped with a balloon valance these window coverings are now showing up in a variety of fabrics and many variations in style.

The pure country charm of Priscilla curtains have made them stand the test of time. Usually window coverings of this type are left in place and shades or blinds underneath provide privacy and light control. However, some Priscilla curtains can be made of heavier fabrics and lined so when the tie backs are let down the panels completely close off the window. Either way, a real country look is achieved.

Priscilla Window Curtains in a Contemporary Style

The Priscilla curtain is not just reserved for the country-style home. It’s all in the choice of fabrics and accessories. While ruffles and lace give a country flair to the curtain, straight lines edged in a contracting fabric or ribbon quickly contemporise the look.

The tie backs also add to the historical look of window coverings made of Priscilla style curtains. Instead of draperies, a contemporary window can be dressed in Priscilla curtains tied back with beaded tie backs or held back with brass or iron hardware.

Hanging Priscilla Curtains

Priscilla curtains can be easily hung in any type of window. Those without mouldings as often found in modern homes will look more dressed up with the side panels covering the window’s edges. Hardware found at any department store is used to hang both the side panels and valance section in either an inside or outside mounting area. Whatever style you may have for your home, your windows can easily be enhanced with Priscilla curtains.