Tips on kids shower curtains

Kids shower curtains brighten up your home

Kids shower curtains add color to any bathroom they are put in. This is because they come in the brightest colors, the most eye catching designs and often depict cartoon characters or super heroes. Children love to have kids shower curtains up in their bathrooms because it helps them express their individuality. By allowing your child to pick out their own curtain, you’re helping them to develop their own personality. If you’re child loves Barbie, there will be a curtain that has her on it. The same goes with Barney and Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Kids shower curtain

Don’t worry about the bathroom not having style if you put up a kids shower curtain; the exact opposite is true. You can make the room look really cute and decorate it nicely, just in a kid friendly way. You can even have a mural painted on the wall to really give it a unique look.

Kids curtain rods for your bathroom

You will also need to buy kids curtain rods for the drapes in the bathroom. The rod will probably be the most boring part of the entire process. They come in plastic and metal and are usually silver, gold or colored. You can purchase them to match your décor or you can just buy a silver or gold one because they pretty much go with anything.

After you have purchased the curtain, you can think about things like towels, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and more. If you’re going with a theme on your drapes, why not keep it going for the accessories? You can always find sets that match the curtains you bought or you can choose your own. You’ll find that there are solid colored accessories as well as ones that contain prints.

You can shop for all of these items online or in department stores, discount stores and home improvement stores. It’s easiest to shop online, but you won’t get to see the items in person. You can usually see a picture of the item, but if you want to see it before you put the money down, you’ll have to go into a store. Purchasing drapes and accessories is something you’ll have fun with, but don’t forget to include your child in the process of buying kids shower curtains.