insulated curtains for the home

Insulated curtains save engery

Insulated curtains may not be your top consideration in choosing window coverings, but it may move up the list when you realize just how much energy these treatments can save. Insulated curtains can be just as fashionable too.

Insulated Curtains Control Climate

Poorly sealed windows, especially found in older homes can wreck havoc on your energy bill. To help seal off the window and control a room’s climate, you can use insulated window curtains or drapery. The insulated drapery is lined with a unique, rubbery-like fabric that helps seal off breezes.

In addition, insulated window coverings can keep a room’s temperature consistent without changing the thermostat. In the summer months the room will stay cooler. In the winter, cold winds will stay outside and keep the room more comfortable too.

Fashion vs. Function

Insulated drapery doesn’t have to mean an industrial or hotel-like look. Sure, these places have insulated curtains that function to keep out light and control climate, but they strive mostly for function. To have an appealing, decorative look, window treatments that are insulated can be made with the finest designer fabrics. A separate lining fabric that provides the insulation can be sewn to any other fabric – one that is more fashionable.

Since insulated curtains can add to the cost of the window treatment, then creating an insulated panel with an additional decorative panel will allow you to replace and update the decorate part of the window treatment without the cost of replacing the whole insulated package.

Insulated curtains come with a variety of insulated backing options. There are the extremely thick, hotel-quality backings that are almost rubbery. These are highly durable and washable. You can however get the benefits of insulation in a much more appealing fabric. There are even colour choices that will enhance the top, decorative fabric.

Different fabric weights are available for insulated drapes. Depending on how much climate control is needed, you can choice a lightly or heavily insulated backing product. If a window is south-facing and gets lots of sun all day long, you may want more insulation in the summer months. Colder, north-facing windows will need the extra insulation in the winter. That is why is also a good choice, speaking of saving energy, to use dress every window with insulated curtains.