holiday shower curtain selection

Holiday shower curtain looks

A holiday shower curtain brings the spirit of any season into even the most private room in your home – the bathroom. A holiday shower curtain is an inexpensive way to dress up the shower. It can be changed monthly with custom shower curtains for each month, season and celebration of the year.

Holiday Shower Curtains

What’s your favourite holiday? Chances are if there is a season or holiday you love, you have more decorations around the house to celebrate than you know what to do with. Why not carry that spirit into the bathroom? There is a holiday shower curtain to celebrate everything from Easter to St. Patrick’s Day to Christmas and Valentine’s Day. You can even put up custom shower curtains to celebrate a family member’s birthday. It is a quick and easy change that will make family members and guest feel special.

You do not need to stop at the holiday shower curtain either. Your enthusiasm for the season can carry over into coordinating curtains and drapes in the bathroom. If your everyday bathroom décor has a blue and green shower curtain with matching green curtains, then when you change the shower curtain to a red ribbon and green ivy Christmas curtain, try changing the window covering to match. The next step could be to bring out appliquéd Christmas towels that will tie the entire room together in less than 30 minutes and for very little cost. The finishing touches could include a festive dish with decorative soaps or a holly clad soft soap dispenser for hand washing during the holidays.

You can keep some of the same colourful bathroom accessories and have them coordinate with several holiday seasons. For example, the red curtains from Christmas can stay for Valentine’s Day. The shower curtain would be the only change along with some of the bric-a-brac. A spring like green can be used at Easter and St. Patrick’s Day alike.

Custom shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics and styles from clear plastic with whimsical holiday patterns to elegant lined fabric treatments. Let your budget and your personality dictate to what extreme you decorate using a holiday shower curtain.