tips for hanging curtains

Hanging curtains with ease

Hanging curtains can be a difficult task if you are inexperienced. However, with the right tools and a few helpful hints, hanging curtains will be a breeze.

The older carpenter’s adage, “measure twice, cut once,” can also apply to hanging curtains. It is important to measure properly to have the curtain rods centred correctly on the window. The hardware should measure the same distance from both sides of the window. An exception may be in an asymmetrical window treatment effect. You will also want to be sure to measure the height for the rod. If you hang it too low, the top of the window trim will show above your treatment. This can happen easily with tab top curtains, where the solid window covering is much lower when actually hanging. You also want to be sure that the bottom of the curtain or drape falls at the proper place on the floor or window sill. Many treatments work with different lengths, but if you are going for sill length and come up short it will look unprofessional. Window treatments should also never hang at exactly the mid-point of the window’s height. They should be either ¼ length, 1/3 length or ¾ length, sill length or floor length.

Hanging curtain rods securely

Curtains will only hang right if the curtain rods are properly installed. The same principles here for hanging curtains will also apply to hanging drapes.

You probably will need to pre-drill pilot holes for screws used in hanging curtain rods. This will make the screws go in easier and straighter. This is especially true if you are screwing the rod into the stud or frame of the window, or installing drywall anchors for hollow walls.

Hanging Drapes

Once the rods are in place, it is easy to hang drapes. Larger or heavier window coverings will go up much easier if two people work together and bring up both sides of the drapes at the same time. Have your partner position the end of the rod over the brackets and the same time you do and slip them on simultaneously for a frustration-free installation.

Another tip in hanging curtains or hanging drapes is to have the material pre-ironed before putting onto the rod. A steam iron can touch up any stray wrinkles after you are finished hanging curtains.