french country curtains design

French country curtains with a flair

French country curtains are the ideal way to round out your complete French country room design or make a statement all on their own. The warm, traditional styling of French country is easy to achieve with soft, billowing fabrics fashioned into simple French country curtains.

French Country Drapery

A distinguishing feature of the French country style can be found in long velvety drapes and window treatments featuring both a curtain with a window topper. In the drapery fabric used in French country you’ll find muted tones of beige and white along with the stylish toile in a variety of colours and featuring different stories in their motif. Creams mixed with black and white can also be found in many styles of French country curtains and French country drapes.

Layering is an effect often used in French country design. A window dressed with a lacy sheer then topped with a heavier drape fringed along its edges is then completed with a cornice in a contrasting fabric to create traditional French country window treatments. Repeating the trims and fabrics throughout the room will give an overall French door curtains look to stylistic furnishings.

For a master bedroom, the layering effect can be repeated in the bedding to tie the window treatments in with the focal point of the room – the bed. For example, the three layers of French country drapery fabric and under curtains can be used to make a multi-layered bed skirt. The duvet cover can be made of a solid fabric used in the window topper, then complimented with all of the other fabrics in the form of bolsters and decorative throw pillows. To mix things up a little, try trimming some of the decorative pillows in the same curtain trim and then adding other distinct trims that contrast the pillow fabrics.

Even if the overall style of the room is a little more eclectic, the same French country feel can be achieved by dressing windows with the French country curtains.