using a fabric shower curtain

Fabric shower curtain designs for today

A fabric shower curtain can add the warmth and softness to a bathroom that lets guests and family know you didn’t forget the bathroom when you were decorating. A fabric shower curtain is a great way to tie together all of your favourite colours used in the bath.

Shower Curtain Fabric

Select the fabric for a shower curtain like you would that of curtains or drapes in any other room in your house. The bathroom is after all one of the most popular rooms in the house. Make is as comfortable as possible with fabric choices that fit your family’s lifestyle and tastes. A fabric shower curtain can be purely decorative and tied back with fun accessories or, if properly lined with waterproof fabric, serve functionally as well.

Remember that the bathroom curtains should coordinate with the fabric shower curtain. If you don’t have a window in the bathroom, you can turn the mirror over the vanity into a window-like feature by outlining and dressing it up like you would a window. That allows you add more warmth and softness to the space. Then bring in towels to match and coordinate. The more colours in the shower curtain, the more options you have for throw rugs and towels in the room too. You can bring out a lighter colour for the Spring and Summer months, and focus on a darker tone during the cold weather months.

Kids Fabric Shower Curtains

A kid’s bathroom doesn’t have to look unfinished and merely functional. Kids fabric shower curtains come in many themed patterns that will delight children and parents alike. So whether it is a nautical theme, or if primary colours in bright red, yellow, and blue are the design feature, kids fabric shower curtains can tie together the whole look.

It can also be fun to accessorize a kid’s bathroom. Try hanging the fabric shower curtain with sea shells hot glued to the curtain rings in a sea-side themed room. Or, you could tie bright yellow towels with red ribbons that match the tie backs on the fabric shower curtain.