overview of drapery rods

Where to buy drapery rods

Drapery rods are just as important as what you decide to hang from them. When you’re redecorating a room in your home you’ll be able to achieve an even greater look by taking care to buy just the right rods that complement both the room that you’re redoing and the style that you’ve chosen. Many times the type of rod that you choose for your drapes can make all the difference between a great looking room or a room that has just been thrown together. If you’re unsure about what type of drapery rods to use for your décor you might want to consult a designer or check out the Internet for some ideas.

Wood drapery rods are a good choice if you’re looking to add some warmth to a room in your home. A wood curtain rod can lighten the colours in a room depending on the type of wood that you choose to use. If you have oak cabinets in your kitchen you might want to think about using oak wood curtain hardware to complement the rest of the kitchen. Or you might want to consider a dark cherry wood if you’re hanging curtains that are dark in colour to add a feeling of deepness to the room. Remember that the total look is the effect that you’re going after which means that you want everything to work together.

How to install a wooden drapery rod

A wooden drapery rod can be purchased anywhere that you buy curtains and drapery supplies both on and off the Internet. Make sure that you take all the right measurements before you buy a curtain pole so that you have enough length for your drapes to hang from without too much bunching. Take along a swatch of the drapes that you’re going to be hanging to make sure that the rod will match the material. You may think that you’re never going to see the rod behind the curtains but you’ll still want to focus on the curtain hardware as much as you can.

What you use to hang your window covering is just as important as what you decide to hang. There are many different types of rods that you can choose from, including wood, wrought iron, ceramic, and metal. No matter what you decide to use make sure that you buy the right drapery rods.