Drapery fabric options

Drapery fabric types and options

Selecting the right drapery fabric can make a big difference to the way your décor looks and how easy it is to maintain. There are a number of popular drapery fabric choices, and it can help to know what to expect from some of the popular materials used in drapery.

Some popular material choices for drapery

Nylon, cotton, and linen draperies are popular, and this is because these drapery materials offer strength and durability. However, linen and cotton is easily wrinkled and can also shrink, so take this into consideration when making your selection. Silk can certainly look very sumptuous hanging from your curtain pole, but this fabric can be difficult to maintain. If you are looking for easy maintenance, then silk is a material that is probably best avoided. However, for special occasion rooms, silk can add an ornamental and luxurious touch. Acetate will hang well from your curtain hardware and also boasts a silky appearance. Other material choices include rayon, acrylic blends, and polyester blends. Polyester has proven popular because of its durability and strength as well as its crease-resistant properties.

Enjoy a choice of patterns with Waverly drapery fabric

Selecting the right pattern and style is as important as selecting the right material for your drapery design needs. You should think about the appearance and ambience that you want to create in each room before making your decision with regards to the patterning and design of the material that you select. Whether you go for plain material or patterned fabric for your draperies is largely a matter of personal choice, and will also depend upon the style and theme of the rest of your furniture and décor. Waverly valances fabric is available in a range of patterns, which can help to complement and enhance the décor of the room. You can select from a range of prints and floral designs, with a choice of colour combinations to suit all types of décor and style. Subtle patterns and prints can look very effective in a wide range of rooms, although busier drapery fabrics patterns may be best kept for the kids’ rooms.