working with designer shower curtains

Decorating with designer shower curtains

Designer shower curtains are one great way to turn an ordinary, after-thought of a room into a sanctuary for your home. The bathroom is a place to soak away the stress of the day or rejuvenate your self first thing in the morning. Using designer shower curtains is jst one way to add a special touch to this room and make it your own private spa retreat.

Designer shower curtains run the gamut of colour and style. Contemporary pattern in a sleek modern bathroom along with designer draperies fabrics to complete the look. Timeless, traditional looks can also be achieved with designer shower curtains.

Coordinating Designer Curtains

Designer curtains for the windows in the bathroom can also add to the impact of the shower curtain. The two should coordinate, but do not have to be an exact match – although that is an option. When working with such refined styles and patterns from the experts, it is easy to pull together a cohesive look.

Designer shower curtains have all the functionality of a department store find. They are lined and waterproof to keep shower spray in while they soften the hard lines found in most bathrooms. An added feature helps the less confident home decorator pull it all together. Shower curtains and window treatments can be packaged together so professional help isn’t always necessary in selecting what works well with the shower curtain.

Combining Other Bathroom Features

A designer shower curtain can really be the inspiration piece for the beginning of great bathroom design. Using it to coordinate towels and accessories will help the room naturally come together. Even the way in which you hang the curtain can make a design statement. Try adding decorative clasps when hanging the shower curtain for a subtle extra touch that will add that extra little professional look. Also, if you love the rich jewel tones of emerald green, choosing a cherry finish on the wood vanity with a slightly pink marble counter top brings together naturally coordinated hues. These same rich tones can also be found in designer shower curtains.