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Teens love denim curtains

Denim curtains are a unique and interesting way to add a different style of décor to your teen’s room. Teens can be difficult to design for since they have outgrown many of the childhood themes of décor and they have yet to learn to appreciate more adult themes of décor. Denim curtains are a good compromise since your teen will get the groovy room that they want and you’ll be able to say that every room in your home is decorated! There are many different types and styles of denim that you can choose from when it comes to draperies and window coverings. Offer your teen several choices so that they don’t feel as though you’re making the choice for them.

Denim window curtains

You can buy denim window curtains at most drapery stores. You can also look for them in department stores or home improvement centres. If you’re still having trouble finding denim draperies you can do a search for them on the Internet since there are sure to be many online stores that have them in stock. You might want to order a matching bed spread so that the denim theme is continued throughout the bedroom.

Where to buy denim window valances

If you want to cover up the hardware that you’ve used to hang your drapes you might want to think about adding denim window valances if you’ve already hung denim drapes. This way the window in your teen’s room will be matching in décor and will look great when friends come to visit. Try not to over do the denim look or the bedroom will look forced and boring. Mix and match the room with other prints and designs.

Decorating for teens can be an impossible task at the best of times. You’ll want one thing and they’ll want another. The goal is to come to a compromise so that you’re both happy with the décor of the room. Many times letting your teen have something different will be a great incentive to them to spend more time in their room studying. Why not compromise and get them something that they want, such as denim curtains.