the look of custom draperies

Custom draperies for your home

Custom drapes and valances for home

Custom draperies give a look unmatched to any other window treatment. The unique choice of fabrics and extra touches the designers know about can come with a hefty price tag. There are special touches you can do yourself to give that designer look with out the cost of custom draperies.

Matching patterns in custom drapes and valances. One tip every interior decorator knows about in creating customer draperies is how to match patterns. Often the difference between a professional and amateur job using the same exact fabrics is in how the patterns on a finished drape or valance is matched.

To allow for matching patterns, extra fabric will be required. In cutting fabric, account for seam allowances for sewing. This way the finished drape or valance will look as if it is hung from one uncut piece of fabric. If you are a beginner at sewing window treatments, stick with solid fabrics. Intermediates at sewing can choose large patterns that are easily aligned. Plaids and detailed stripes are best left to the advanced.

Accessories for a Professional Look

Fabric isn’t the only feature that will create a finished, professional look of custom draperies. Using a curtain pole that is unique and compliments the other accessories in the room will make custom valances and drapes look more professional. Other curtain hardware, such as tie back rods can have finials and decorative clasps to add to the customized look.

Often custom draperies will also have decorative clips or loop fasteners that attach them to the rod. These can be part of the overall decoration as well as a functional way to draw open or closed the drapes.

Talking to Your Designer

Perhaps it is in your budget to splurge on one room on your house. You can use the information your designer gives you in planning those custom draperies and apply it to other projects in your home. Talking to your designer will help you know the way they think. Matching different colours and patterns is often a scary concept. However, your designer will help you broaden your range of colour and pattern. Use that new-found confidence in other projects.

If at all possible, go with your designer as they select fabrics for the room. You’ll be able to see how they match fabric colours and patterns. As you ask questions you are sure to get answers and explanations that will help you with all the custom draperies projects you have planned.