using corner curtain rods

Corner curtain rods for windows

Corner rods take one decorating dilemma and turn it into an amazing window treatment. Many houses are constructed so that the exterior windows are properly placed for aesthetics. This often means the interior view pushes the window into an awkward corner. That makes hanging curtains or draperies more difficult, but corner curtain rods are the solution.

Wooden Rods for Corners

Magnetic curtain rods for corner windows can come in wooden, decorative styles or the type of metal hardware that is hidden beneath the window coverings. Either style is an asymmetrical variation of the traditional styles. The hanging hardware fits perfectly into corners for a secure way to hang the curtains.

Window Coverings for Corner Windows

Not all window treatments will look good on a corner window. Long, heavy draperies that fall on both sides of the window will look squished into the corner if the treatment isn’t modified for the corner. To give the visual appearance of draperies without the awkwardness, try using a smaller, less wide panel. The fabric will not bunch up as much and look more like it fits the corner. This works especially well if the corner window is part of a trio of windows. A narrow panel of fabric can hang between each set of windows and into the corner using a corner curtain rod. The whole treatment can then be topped with a valance that ties the two or three windows together.

Another perfect treatment for a corner window using a curtain rod for corner windows is a simple pleated valance on an interior mounted rod or one with the finial only on the outer edge of the window. This looks good when the wall has two windows, each pushed into the corners. The light-weight valances will dress up the window, but take away from the image that they are up against the corners.

One more thing to remember in decorating with corner windows is that illusions can be created with fabric and draperies. Just because a window stops in one place, doesn’t mean the window treatment must. By carrying fabric onto a wall you can create an image of a larger window or even on that isn’t in the corner at all. This is accomplished by the placement of the fabric and decorative corner curtain rods.