Decorating with beaded curtains

Decorating with beaded curtains

Simple ways to use beaded drapes throughout your home

Beaded curtains may bring back images from the 1960s, but today’s styles are just as groovy and add to modern decors in a fun and whimsical way. There are many ways to cover a window or partially close off a doorway and space within a large room. Beaded curtains are one unique alternative.

picture 1 beaded curtainBeaded Door Curtains

Probably one of the most popular use of beaded curtains is the beaded door curtain. These coverings that resemble draperies in function can add colour and texture to a room’s entrance and exit. The curtains come in a varieties of colours and materials including plastic beads, wooden bamboo stringers and even patterns to resemble flags and faces, giving a mural like appearance to the door way.

To hand beads in door ways, a pressure rod can be used. Also decorative hooks on either side of the door will hold them up. Manufacturers provide further instructions for hanging their brand of beaded curtains.

Window Dressing

Window coverings can also be made of beaded materials. These are ideal for places where light is needed, but a filtered view is desired. Placing beaded crystal material behind draperies gives a look of a shear behind drapes, but adds colour and sparkle.

Beaded drapes are another type of window treatment that can enhance either a traditional or contemporary decorating style. Beads can be hung over other fabric for additional privacy and to control light, such as in a bedroom or room for watching television.

Beads used as window dressing can be hung the same way has other curtains or drapes. Decorative curtain rods can compliment the design in the beaded curtain as well.

How to Clean Beads

Since beaded curtains cannot be thrown in the washing machine or sent of to the dry cleaner, they must be spot cleaned. The best product or method will depend on the curtain’s material. Glass or plastic beads can be cleaned with a spray cleaner and paper towels or rags. Wooden beads clean up nicely from dust and dirt by using a wood furniture cleaner. Dry dusting also keeps beads free of debris and sparkling in between deep cleaning.