different types of curtains

Curtains Drapes and Coverings

Draperies ensure privacy from those outside

Curtains provide us with much needed privacy. Many people use them to ensure that they cannot be observed by others. They are devices that shield us and add a measure of security. After all, when we can be seen, we feel vulnerable. Curtains, whether draperies to block out the world, or shower curtains to bathe ourselves in private, allow us to feel confident that we are, by and large, alone in our surroundings.

Draperies to keep the world at bay

Window coverings seem to be some of the very first purchases when one is buying a new home. This is because there are very few people who want to live in a fishbowl. The use of a curtain to prevent others from looking in can add a sense of security to the home, like being wrapped in a blanket. While not a particular concern during the day, many people like to have the darkness shut out by a drapery at night.

window coverings picture 1aShower curtains for more necessary privacy

While it is possible to shower without a curtain, most people prefer to use one. Not only because it prevents water from making a mess of the bathroom, but also because nudity is associated with vulnerability. It is nice to feel that one can wash oneself without the fear of someone else watching, even if that someone else is a significant other.

When in the shower, it is possible to feel alone. Many people consider that “their” time. A private time to just let the worries of the day wash away. The use of a curtain when showering fulfils not only a practical purpose, but a psychological one as well.

Many people like to choose window coverings and shower curtains to help them achieve privacy and feel safe. Additionally, most people make their drapery and curtain choices based on how they will look in the home, or what goes well with their personality. A person likes to know that drapes are a good and integrated part of the whole home. Indeed, in today’s world, to create a truly comfortable home you need a curtain.